Ergonomic Workplaces

The Otto Kind work table systems multi2move and multi4motion can be configured in many ways for their dimensions and designs and can be expanded. Load capacities of 100 to 400 kg are available. There are also 4 table depths from 700 to 1000 mm and 3 table widths from 1280 to 2030 mm. The table height can be adjusted from 690 to 1090 mm mechanically or using an electric motor. All base tables can be supplemented with an attachment table. Thereby the attachment can be made both at an angle as well as in a straight line.
The addition of an attachment table can also be performed at a later time as well as the dismantling from a base table.
The use of attachments for material provision over the entire table width of up to 4060 mm is also beneficial.

The linking of multiple workstations with material flow to a single table with common height adjustment can be realised easily.


The multi2move table system can be used everywhere where the goods to be processed require an individual table height for the employee. The range of accessories includes all required auxiliary materials for the establishment of a structured and clear workplace.
With the revised, modern and timeless design, the tables are used not only in factories but can also be conveniently installed in the administrative area. The work stations easily accommodate loads of up to 200 kg and can also be linked with each other using an attachment table at an angle or in a straight line. Attachments up to 380 mm height on the rear side are possible.

The table superstructures of the ergonomic workplace system multi2move open up possibilities for the individual and flexible use of the area above the working level.
Space is produced above the table surface for tools or assembly material - always ready to hand and clearly arranged.
A horizontal adapter profile is always included on the rear side of the table frame for the multi2move table system. The upright supports made of stable rectangular tube can be freely positioned laterally in the adapter profile.
The possible number of supports depends on the table width and the desired element width.
The supports have 4-way system perforation in a grid of 42 mm. Perforated rear panels, storage shelves or grab tray rails with the widths 655, 1000 and 1250 mm can easily be attached.
The table structures move jointly with the table plates for height!

Complex assembly work often requires the provision of many individual parts and work aids. Last but not least, for the purpose of of time management, the modular construction of the multi system enables the precise positioning of such components and rapid adjustment without tools - all tailored to the individual user.

When equipping the table with attachment elements, the access frequency and order of use of the material made available plays an important role. Efficient and homogeneous workflows are the objective.

Correctly positioned attachment elements prevent one-sided stress patterns and thereby protect the operator's musculature.
Smooth and ergonomic workflows are guaranteed.

The multi4motion work stations are suitable for loads of up to 200 kg and can also be linked with each other using an attachment table at an angle or in a straight line. Attachments up to 1250 mm height on the rear side are possible.


Table attachments at large height for equipping with luminaires and tool rails are available for the multi4motion work tables. The work station can thus have targeted lighting and direct energy supply (electricity and compressed air) from above for hand-held equipment independently from spatial conditions. Attached to spring balancers hanging from the slide rail, they can be brought into the ergonomically correct position.

The capability for work is quickly established after connection to the energy supply and the information technology for any relocation of the table.

The adapter profiles on the rear supports for the multi4motion tables accommodate horizontal transverse tubes.

Fixing points for all possible combinations of table structures with 2 or 3 supports are available in the transverse tubes. Solutions for work stations optimised for maximum ergonomics as well as for maximum storage capacity are thus realisable.

The upright rectangular tubes with system perforation on all sides in a height grid of 42 mm can accommodate attachment elements up to 875 mm above the table top. 
The module widths 655, 1000 and 1250 mm for grab tray rails, storage shelves and perforated walls are also available here.
Boom frames and profiles support luminaires and running rails as required at a height of 1250 mm above the table. The table structures move jointly with the table plates for height!