We can close our eyes - the hearing is always active!

The unique in the world, distinguished with the Special Mention of the German Design Award, acoustically effective, sound damping and absorbing shopfitting system can be easily installed in existing environments and integrated for new construction. Direct and indirect sound are reduced, disturbing noises no longer distract the customer. The length of stay is increased, the biologically programmed flight reflex (loud environment = DANGER) is suppressed, stress is reduced and the customer stays longer in the shop - the sales increase.

Depending on the occurring frequency, OTTO KIND use different, specifically matched materials. A combination is usually used that effectively damps and can absorb both high as well as low frequencies in the shop.

Patented, micro capillary special fibre foam plates and micro foamed slit absorber (MFS) Individually designed ceiling panels or wall absorbers complete the acoustics system of OTTO KIND.