Shop fittings with the Otto Kind shop fittings systems

Our professional Otto Kind shop fittings provide ideal shelving and display solutions. Thereby, basic shelves, integrated shelves (CARGO) and wire shelves are available for individually compilable combinations. Attractive extras such as decorative superstructures (segel) and POS displays provide additional inducements to buy.

We provide innovative solutions for the food trade that take account of shelf life, presentation and hygiene equally. Our combined shopfitting systems (combi) for display & storage provide optimal storage space, e.g. for car accessories or DIY stores. The compatible Otto Kind grid systems are low-cost and easy to install combi options for expansion of existing shop fittings.

Basic shelves with unlimited expansion possibilities – solid and flexible

Whether gondola or wall rack: The Otto Kind basic shelves in the R42, R50 and R25 grids are guaranteed compatible and thereby almost infinitely flexible. Various axial dimensions and depths as well as a selection of materials made of steel, glass and wood make our Basic shopfitting systems flexible and visually appearing best-sellers.

The following applies for every rack configuration: Our customers can rely on high load capacity and stability whether for fresh produce such as fruit & vegetables, fragile goods such as glass & porcelain or wines & spirits, heavy goods such as in the DIY range or fast turnover items such as magazines & PBS. Decorative elements such as colour accents, lighting solutions or framing create additional POS highlights. Thereby we guarantee planning security for the future with consistent quality for our customers.

Otto Kind creates attractive shopfittings for all retail sectors,

discounters, complete range supermarkets, specialist consumer electronics shops or small food retailers: Otto Kind shopfitting systems are suitable for all product ranges and sectors. We have also developed individual, visually appealing rack concepts for the storage requirements. Our 'CARGO' integrated racks and our 'combi' solutions for display & storage are used as sales area and goods storage – without aesthetic compromises for the product presentation. Sensitive and visually demanding foods such as fruit & vegetables are put in the right light by the 'marché' product line. The acoustics perceived unconsciously by the customer at the POS are positively oriented with our shop fittings.

Flexible Otto Kind concepts for store extension or range expansion.

Grid systems compatible with all marketable systems provide a flexible, easy on the budget solution for the expansion and extension plans of our customers. If the area remains the same, but the product range should be widened, the Otto Kind wire shelves provide lightweight and transparent additional presentation areas. There are also stylish, round gondolas for special offers and brand promotions. A range of different shelf widths and depths ensure the optimal use of space. A wide RAL colour range allows individual colour design of the wire shelves and thus supports brand communication and design concepts.

Decorative superstructures and attractive POS displays as effective inducements to buy.

Certain product groups particularly benefit from eye-catching presentation areas such as high quality drug store items or food, toys or sport articles. The Otto Kind segel superstructure system with sales-promoting decorative superstructures and well thought out lighting accents provides exactly the right atmosphere. Individual racks at the POS are also used as POS displays and customer magnets. Optional fitting with multimedia modules changes the sales area into a modern shopping zone.