Efficient working with Otto Kind products

It was already apparent to Otto Kind at the beginning of the last century during visits to retailers that goods were usually standing around haphazardly that on the one hand did not necessarily make finding specific products easy and on the other hand also did not leave any particularly appealing visual impression. In order to improve this state, Otto Kind founded Otto KIND GmbH in 1901 with the objective to create order and cleanliness in the business with shopfitting and factory equipment products.

Otto KIND GmbH is still true to this principle more than a century later. With the rise of lean management, orderly, clean and streamlined workplaces are in focus more than ever. Otto KIND products are designed and developed so that they enable efficient and almost waste-free working. The design support zero defects, zero failures and zero quality losses production.

We provide lean induction training in order to realise the full potential of the KIND products. The lean basics and the typical types of waste in the company are explained in this 3-hours workshop. Thereby, there is particular focus on the subject of workplace efficiency with the focus subjects of 5S, Micro Management and Flexible Workplace Systems. This training conveys how KIND solutions help to optimally implement the lean theory in practice and continuously improve your own products and processes in the company.